Chi-Town Dog House is a 4,500 square foot open-run daycare and boarding facility for dogs. Here, your dog will enjoy plenty of indoor and outdoor space in which to run, romp, wrestle, play, frolic, flirt, socialize, snuggle and network with other dogs in a friendly, safe and controlled environment, as per supervised by our professional and experienced staff.

Daily activities include ridiculous amounts of fun and plenty of exercise through ball and Frisbee-chasing, hide-and-seek, sunbathing, splashing in the pools (in our large outdoor yard, ahh fresh air…YES!), as well as other activities and games.

Centrally located at 2231 W.Belmont Ave. in the heart of Roscoe Village, we are all about convenience! In fact, we even have a parking lot in front for your ease of safety and convenience while entering or exiting the facility! Woo-Hoo!

Our comfy crates are only used during feedings, and for the much-needed nap during our lunch hour (1-2 pm) to ensure our overnight guests a good night’s sleep!


Your dog should be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age and must have proof of current vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella). Also, she must pass a brief temperament test to ensure the safety of all boarding and daycare dogs.

Please call us to schedule a “walk-through” for you and your pooch. See you soon!



(CLOSED from 12pm-2pm DAILY for lunch, cleaning and "naptime".)



1 dog . . . $25/day ($17.00/half day)
2 dogs . . . $40/day



Daycare Passes


5-day . . . $115 (2 dogs-$210)
10-day . . . $220 (2 dogs- $360)
20-day . . . $400 (2 dogs- $650)



Your dog can play hard all day long and go home smelling nice too! YES!

Light brush, Wash & Dry -$15 and up



1 dog. . . $40/night

2 dogs . . . $63/night

10% off after 10 nights! YES!

For our boarders, please bring your dog’s food, as it is best for her to continue her regular diet. Also, we do have cozy blankets for your dog, but feel free to bring her own bed, and any other items or toys that will remind her of home! See you soon!

TAXI Service - Rates Vary